Circus Camps, Schools and Training


Karen Maybury and Hilario Productions brought to the oceans the first ever Youth Circus at sea! Created for Norwegian Cruise Line this interactive program provides children and their families to learn circus skills at workshops throughout the cruise and culminates with a Circus Show starring the kids at the end of the cruise!! We are able to provide circus trainers and camps across the UK and the USA. Working with Hilario Productions in the USA and Lisa and Rene Mayer in Europe we have a wide spectrum of circus performers and trainers available.

Rene and Lisa have worked for many years on cruise ships. They come from a family of entertainers that stretch back 4 generations.  Their work has taken them to many counties and venues. They have worked for Pope John Paul II in the Vatican ,  the Moulin Rouge Night Club in Paris, and for the children and parents from the French Ministry of the Interior in Paris! They have performed at  The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen,  many major circuses in Europe and Varieties in Germany, France, Italy, Holland and Greece. Their  work has also bought them into the corporate world, including, Volkswagen, Jaguar/Land Rover, Meridian Hotels (MiddleEast),  Lamborghini, Bentley, and also worked on all of the major cruise lines.  They have done 100's of workshops for adults and children alike. This summer they will be working with KMCC in the UK with Kings Active.